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What is RELAY? Why are principal's who question RELAY being terminated?

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Is DCPS Supporting the School-to-Prison Pipeline by Forcing Principals to RELAY?

Already, two Southeast DC principals have been terminated/non-reappointed due to their questioning and push back of RELAY. So what is RELAY? And more important, why is RELAY implemented only in Southeast DC?

The below text helps to clear up some of my questions. Although, I really what to hear from the principals who pushed back and input from the classroom teachers.

What is RELAY?

Relay Graduate School of Education is a private graduate school created and led by leaders from the charter school industry. Relay is a big business model founded by three charter school networks – KIPP, Achievement First, and Uncommon Schools. With its origins in the charter sector, the Relay model reinforces the “no excuses” approach to education and only focuses on teachers’ ability to raise test scores.

Ken Zeicher is notable professor at University of Washington who studies teacher education. He reports that RELAY uses highly controlling pedagogical and classroom management techniques that are primarily used in schools serving students of color (East of the River) whose communities are severely impacted by poverty.

Meanwhile, students in more economically advantaged areas (West of the Park) have greater access to researched based professional development, less punitive and controlling management practices and broader and richer curricula and teaching practices.

The teaching and management practices are based on a restricted definition of teaching and learning and would not be acceptable in more economically advantaged communities.”

Professor Zeichner goes on to state that Relay works exclusively with ‘other people’s children’ and provide the kind of education that Relay staff (DCPS) would never accept for their own children.

The reason that Lisa Delpit’s term ‘other people’s children’ is used here is to emphasize the point that few if any Relay staff (DCPS staff) and advocates for the program would accept Relay structures for their own children.

Most parents want more than a focus on standardized test scores for their children and this measure becomes the only definition of success in schools attended by students living in poverty.”

Adapted from:

A blog by Diane Ravitch and an article by Tom Ultican, a former teacher of physics and advanced mathematics in California.

DCPS has swallowed the charter school philosophy hook, line, and sinker. Some of the top administrators are pro-charter advocates and at least two of the DCPS Instructional Superintendents are RELAY trained coaches. How does this work in such a small area as DC?

Go to any school in NW and asked them are they required to follow any structures that are designed by RELAY?

So why are the schools in WARDs 7 & 8 required to complete training in techniques that look like a playbook for prison? I

If RELAY is this wonderful training that schools in Ward 7 & 8 must have, then surely schools in the other wards should have it as well.


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