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Rebuttal to Chancellor Lewis Ferebee’s Budget Hearing Question about Dr. Carolyn-Jackson King

Dear Councilman Robert White, 

During today's Budget Hearing you asked Chancellor Lewis Ferebee questions about the reappointment of principals in wards 7 and 8. You specifically asked Dr. Ferebee to comment on the impact that Principal Dr. Carolyn Jackson King has had on Boone Elementary School. The chancellor stated, "We have not seen significant improvement in student proficiency over at Boone Elementary School over an extended period of time." This is false. It is also disrespectful, especially since parents and staff members at Lawrence E. Boone Elementary have waged a campaign to educate the Chancellor and DCPS senior leadership on the significant gains that Dr. Jackson--King's leadership has secured. 

I have attached a presentation that outlines how Dr. Carolyn Jackson-King has helped students to improve academically on the PARCC exam, and other benchmark assessments. This presentation was initially presented to DCPS senior leadership by parents and staff members at Boone. It has been revised by staff members to highlight Chancellor Ferebees' misinformed remarks. It is critical that families and teachers in ward 8 are given voice and that their concerns are addressed. We have sought answers explaining why Dr. Jackson-King was not reappointed as principal. Concerns have been raised about the role that RELAY clearly plays in this decision. You will see evidence of this in Instructional Superintendent Mary Ann Stinson's comments on Dr. JK's evaluation. Dr. JK made this evaluation public in order to remain transparent to her community. 

Thank you for raising these questions with Chancellor Ferebee. We urge DCPS to live up to its claim of valuing equity and social justice. Thanks again. 

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