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Retaliation: A Real Threat for Principals who Question Controversial Programs.

Updated: Mar 22, 2022


May 2020

Dear Boone Elementary Parents, Friends, and Community:

There is a war going on to wipe out the Boone school community and many others like it in Wards7 and 8. Thank you for your calls to our elected officials yesterday, we must continue to call and email every hour and every day. DCPS and others are expecting you to shut up and remain in your place! We must continue to fight for our children, NOW! The following two points below are why Dr. Jackson-King has been terminated. This is 100% retaliation from Cluster II Instructional Superintendent:

1. Dr. Jackson-King Questioned RELAY: RELAY is a controversial education experiment used only within DCPS poorest and majority Black areas: Wards 7 and 8. RELAY teaches our children prison-like controlling methods that have been stated as a “slick market world education fraud.” Cluster II Instructional Superintendent is a coach for RELAY and she appears on their marketing material. When the principal of Boone questioned RELAY she was then marked as terminated. The principal was not fired based upon her performance but clearly on retaliation for questioning RELAY’s methods. Some consider RELAY “is gutting public education in the communities where it is most needed.” RELAY is a “Graduate School of Education” that has not a single professor or doctoral level instructor or researcher affiliated with it.”

REMEMBER THIS: If any principal in Wards 7 or 8 questions RELAY, the Instructional Superintendent will insure they are non-reappointed/ terminated.

2. Saving Boone’s Computer Lab: Parents and community fought to keep the school’s computer lab and library that the Cluster II Instructional Superintendent wanted removed to create a classroom for 5 or less CES students. With other spaces within the school available to house a small number of children, why would anyone want to remove the entire computer lab serving 430 children living in the District’s Ward 8: the most socio-economically impoverished area in the nation’s capital? Again, Dr. Jackson-King questioned the Instructional Superintendent. Afterwards, the DCPS chancellor agreed with the parents, community and Dr. Jackson-King and said no to the Instructional Superintendents request. The Computer Lab( STEM Lab) remains for now!

Yesterday, 1,040 people died from COVID 19. All of us are scared! To terminate Dr. Jackson-King at this time is Heartless! Dr. Jackson-King is a leader that we need more than ever at this moment and certainly as, record unemployment, food instability and death sweeps through our own community. We are in great need of the Boone school family more than ever now and upon our return. Please continue to fight for justice for Dr. Jackson-King and our school community daily. Thank you!!!

A.T Smith

DC Parent Action Consort


#strongertogether #bettertogether

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